Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mobility exercises and dynamic stretching, mixed in with 3 sets of 10 knees to elbows - good opportunity to practice if you haven't mastered this skill yet.
**Recommend warming up in Hayes gym

Stairway to Heaven WOD:
1st round starting in basement: 25 push-ups, run up to the 4th floor, 25 push-ups at the top, run down
2nd round: 20 push-ups, run up stairs, 20 push-ups at the top, run down
3rd round: 15 push-ups, run up stairs, 15 push-ups at the top, run down
4th round: 10 push-ups, run up stairs, 10 push-ups at the top, run down
5th round: 5 push-ups, run up stairs, 5 push-ups at the top, run down

Take several minutes to cool-down and stretch thoroughly.

Compare to your time from this WOD on 17 January 2012.  Post total time to comment section.


Mickey said...

Bench 3x5 @ 155 lbs. 7 reps on last set

5x 20" Box Jumps
5x 95# PC
5x 55# Dumbbell Swing
5x pullup

Had to scale down from the original workout. The bars were slippery and I wasn't allowed to used chalk. CLDT killed me. My work capacity has plummeted.

Matt said...


The last time I did this one I had strep throat and it took 14:55. This time was a lot better.

As Rx'd: 10:09

JC said...

As Rx'd: 9:53

Thanks Matt for pushing me!