Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Today we will do the CrossFit for HOPE WOD that was done nationwide on 9 June.  The intent of the WOD was to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital (almost $1.4 million raised so far).  This WOD is modeled off of "Fight Gone Bad", so if you done a FGB before, this is very similar.  It looks like an awesome WOD.

HOPE - 3 rounds of the following
With a constantly running clock, do one minute rounds with max reps of:
Power snatch (75/45)
Box jump (24"/20")
Thruster (74/45)
Chest to bar pull-ups  [scale to pull-ups or jumping pull-ups if needed]
REST 1 minute before repeating

NOTE: there is no pause between rounds.  In order to max your score, you need to transition quickly between each exercise.  
NOTE2:  You get one point for each rep.

Post total score to comments.


Adam said...

it was GREAT to see a bunch of folks in the '62 room this morning including Leigh and others from Iron Works! Thanks for coming out for a great WOD.

As rx'd: 68+57+47= 172

Not as well as I had hoped! I wanted to break 200...maybe next time! FYI - elite athletes did around 260 - 290 reps!!! yikes!

Nice work by everyone!!

leighgust said...

221. But scaled about 1/2 the pullups with 30# resistance band. That was really rough but fun!! Thanks for letting us join in on the fun!! Great to meet some of the (new?!) people, welcome to town!!

Sodak said...

I liked this workout!! Definately a good one to kind of get back into the cf fun.

as rx'd: 81+77+71= 229 (rock math)

Miss the team, definitely.

Mickey said...

Wish I could have joined. Sounds like a great workout.

Today I did 5 rounds of max reps of:
double unders: 60/49/60/50/60
HSPU: 6/5/5/5/4
ab mat situp: 60/50/50/50/50

Did it as fast as I could without heat catting in the vegas sun.

JC said...

As RX'd 75+67+70 = 212

Leigh ran the same sequence of events that I did and gave me a serious run for my money. Everytime I wanted to slow down she kept going. The extra push helped me break through the 200 barier. Fun and Tough WOD!

Amanda Villiers said...

Thanks for letting me join in!! I had fun! I had to scale the pull ups to jumping and I did step ups instead of jumps (which probably helped my score!) ... rxd the rest! 77 72 70 219

leighgust said...

JC-- oh great I hope you were not noticing my disasters-for-snatches I really found 45# to be heavy yesterday--eek! I also forgot to say that I scaled some box jumps with some step ups to try to keep checking off reps...i am sore this morning for sure

jswobe said...

Great WOD

As rx'd: 77, 61, 59