Wednesday, 27 JUNE 2012

12 x Deadlift (225/155)
30 x double-unders (3:1 single-under sub)
12 x ring push-ups

Post number of rounds and partial rounds complete to comments.


jck said...

Led my CTLT platoon in PT today.

For time a squad as a whole completed
300 pull ups
600 push ups
800 rowers
1000 air squats

Top time was 25:31. Squads roughly had 8 people

JC said...

Complete Goat WOD for me:

As RXd: 3 Rounds and 10 DLs

Decided to fight against THS and stick with 225 for the DLs. Glad I did, but it was definitely humbling. I had serious trouble maintaining consistent DUs after grinding through DLs.

Mickey said...

got back late today. just did a short, but brutal workout.

100 burpees for time.



jswobe said...

5 rounds + DLs and some DUs

Those deadlifts were tough!

Good WOD...