Tuesday, 19 June 2012

For today's WOD we will meet at the River Courts by South Dock at 0545.  It is the grassy field area with pull-up and dip bars by the Crew Building right next to the river.  It is at a base of Thayer Hall/Officer's Club.  If coming from Thayer Gate, take a right at the 4-way intersection by Buffalo Soldiers' Field.  It will take you down to South Dock.

15 x knees to elbows
15 x dips
Run to the top of the Stairway to Hell (black metal stair case and all the concrete steps up to Thayer Road by the Officer's Club)
25 x sit-ups in the grass
Run down to the bottom

Post number of rounds and partial rounds to comments.


Adam said...

it was a great to see a big crew out there this morning! That Stairway is just TERRIBLE!!

Josh C. was BLAZING! Nice work by all!

2 complete + about 1/5 of the way down the STH when time expired.

Mickey said...

In vegas w/ my girlfriend at her grandmas house for the week so workouts will be irregular.

Tabata today:
pushups 10
2 count flutter kicks 30
air squats 15

JC said...

3 rounds + 15 KTE, 15 D, 1/3 UP STH (Kosz. Garden).

Finished out the 4th round in 24 mins.

Wheelhouse WOD for me. Everyone needs one of those from time to time.

jswobe said...

Slight mod to my hill instead of the stairway to hell (equilavent elevation changes across a very similar distance, believe it or not!)

3 rounds at approx 20:30