Wednesday, 10/20/10

AMRAP 15 (As Many Rounds As Possible in 15 minutes)

15 x kettle bell swing (53/35)
15 x box jumps
Gym Loop

Post rounds to comments


jswobe said...

Help out the guys off of WP: how long are the gym loops? Time, distance, route, whatever...


rhett said...

4 complete rounds
plus KB and Box Jumps

Adam said...

@jswobe: it's probably a 400 meter equivalent. You run from the '62 room about 50 meters to 2 flights of stairs to the 2nd floor, you then run about 150 meters to the other side of the gym, down the stairs, about 100 meters back to the original starting point.

5 rounds complete + 5 KB swings. I did 35 lbs. KBs. Good to be back after a few days away.

Pauly D said...

4 rounds plus KB & box jumps.

Enjoying this weeks programming.

ErinM said...

As Rxed!

5 rounds (minus coming down the stairs for the gym loop).

Felt awesome.

Matt said...


24" box jumps and 400m run

4 rounds

SG said...

5 rounds in 15:40

jswobe said...

4 rounds
(plus KB swings & box jumps)

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Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Anonymous said...

5 rds as I touched the door to get back into the '62 room.
Rough WOD after the rest of the week.