Tuesday, 10/05/10

Ten rounds for time:
5 Handstand Pushups
8 Kettlebell swings (53/35)

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Here is a more in-depth video of the kettlebell swing:

Here is good additional information on handstand push-ups:


MikeRothenb said...

i didnt know how bad it smoked my shoulders until i stopped

Zachary said...


Adam said...

15:20 used the wall for 8 sets and bands for 2. 35 lb KB.

JWM said...


Used the wall for the first six sets and then went to a blue/blue combo for the last four sets.

Nick B said...

wall for 3 rounds (thought I could go longer) than went to the bands.

Pauly D said...
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ErinM said...


Blue/green bands on HSPU.
35 lb. KB

Anonymous said...

7:50 (w/ the blue bands). A quick one, so ran 3 miles after for good measure.

Pauly D said...

8:05 using blue on blue bands. Had some j-head gorillas in there with me today.

Earlier post had a typo.

Matt said...



Kipping HSPU. They aren't that fast, but they allow for full range of motion

BAMA said...

blue/blue 1st round
green/blue for the rest
35lb KB

Kings said...

8:21 as Rxed.

Shoulders will be feeling it tomorrow.

SG said...


First three rounds of HSPUs on the wall, and then switched to green-blue band combo. KBSs as rx'd.