Thursday, 10/21/10

2 x back squat beginning at 75% of your one rep max weight
Perform two reps every minute on the minute, adding 10 lbs each round until failure

Post rounds and starting weight to comments


Randothezoomie said...
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Randothezoomie said...

Did the math wrong...

Failed on second rep of round 7
Rd 1: 275
Rd 7: 345

ErinM said...

Rd 1: 55

Rd 6: 105, failed on second rep

Adam said...

sorry I missed this morning, nursing a sore hamstring from yesterday's WOD and getting ready for this weekend's Army 10 Miler.

Ran at a leisurely pace with my dog for 30 mins, definitely not a PR!

Pauly D said...

Rd 1: 225
Rd 11: 325 (failed on second rep)

Should have started with more weight.

jswobe said...

Rd 1: 175
Rd 10: 265, failed on second rep

Probably should have started higher...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

SG said...

Start: 155
Finished: 205

baby huey said...

8 rds 275 lbs