Friday, 10/15/10

CrossFit Friday

For time:
Stairway to heaven one-leg hop touching every step (switch legs at each landing)
20 Wall-balls
Stairway to heaven two-step jump
20 Wall-balls
Stairway to heaven three-step jump
20 wall-balls
Stairway to heaven four-step jump
20 wall-balls
Post time to comments.


SG said...

11:59 as rx'd

Missed the usual Friday crew this morning. Thanks to those that made it out today!

Randothezoomie said...

I finished everything but the last set of 20 WBS at 10:30, stood around for a while and then saw other people doing WBS... After the pause and finishing my last WBS I had a 12:45. Zoomie SNAFU. Have a great weekend!

JWM said...

12:36 as Rx'd

Small crew this morning but great effort for those who came! Happy birthday to Sarah who got a good start to her birthday.

ErinM said...

15:03. 12 lb ball.

Super fun (though I bashed my knee trying to do 4 steps).

Pauly D said...

13:30...good fun. What can I say, Pauly's got mad hops. Learned that playing AAU ball in Providence.
See you kids at the shore this more blow out.

Kings said...

13:37. as Rxed.

Punishing those of us with big legs!!!

jswobe said...


There is no decent "stairway to heaven" on Aberdeen, so I used a set of rickety fire exit stairs across from the gym and ran them four times per round.

The largest medicine ball I have found on post is 15.4 lb (7 kg).

BRTRC -- People, Technology, Excellence
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Tex said...

I did all of the stairs like box jumps. Was that wrong? My time seems to indicate that it was. Sorry to miss the crew this AM.

rhett said...

12:40 as rx'd

Great workout today.

MikeRothenb said...

did the IOCT today..3:07. I'll take it.

Matt said...


I did "Karen" (150 wall balls)today since I attended a one Pose running day crash course with Dr. Romanov himself today. I didn't want to kill myself too much. I strongly believe in Pose and think it would be great to have a Pose coach at West Point.


Stroh's Lite said...
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