Friday, 10/22/10


50 Wall balls (20/14)
20 Pullups
40 Wall balls
15 Pullups
30 Wall balls
10 Pullups
20 Wall balls
5 Pullups
10 Wall balls

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jswobe said...

Ummm... are these supersetted together (WBS, PU, WBS, PU, etc...) or just 50 WBS, rest, 40 WBS, rest, etc... and then onto the pull ups?


SG said...
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SG said... alternate between the exercises...50 WBs, 20 pullups, 40 WBs, 15 pullups, etc. Have fun!

MikeRothenb said...

9:59. only 7 people at crossfit friday...what happened??

Took the APFT yesterday. I got a 329! best yet. No doubt that crossfit helped me.

Have a great weekend.

Adam said...

Sorry I missed C.F.F., but had APFT this morning:
78 PU
94 SU (PR)
12:49 run (lame)

It was my first time running 2 miles on the track and I lost the psychological battle to JWM..good run.

Nick B said...

awesome week of programming! Hit it hard.
yesteray failed at 345lbs - had no clue what my 1rep max was so I picked something and it turned out way too I know.

Today : 11:37

Again, great week of work.
shout out to the MVP (Mike, Vinny, Pauly)

Pauly D said...

11:04. Great week of programming tan looks great!

Nicky B...back at ya kid.. How's some N.MVP sound. Holla at ya boy.

SG said...

12:30 sort of. Not certain of the time because all the cadets smoked me and stopped their clocks. Thanks to those that showed up this morning! Invite your friends (or enemies) next week...they all need CF!

ErinM said...

Definitely felt smoked this morning.

16:00 min.

Pull-ups with blue band (first seven/last five unassisted)

rhett said...

11 minutes today... good work this week.

jswobe said...


Great WODs this week

BRTRC -- People, Technology, Excellence
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Matt said...


I need to hurry up and PCS so I can do the WODs with all of you. When you are doing it by yourself you feel like you are going fast, but you're not. The watch doesn't lie.

As Rx'd + chest to bar pull-ups


I thought I had an ok time until I saw all of your posts.

By the way are there any plebes you know that will be taking Chinese next year?