Monday, 10/25/10

Ropes and Squats
For time:
5 Rope Climbs (15')
50 Squats
4 Rope Climbs
40 Squats
3 Rope Climbs
30 Squats
2 Rope Climbs
20 Squats
1 Rope Climb
10 Squats

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We are going to start programming 2-3 endurance WODs each week for those who are interested in focusing on their endurance.  We will post run workouts on the blog, but check out the CrossFit Endurance site for swim, bike, run, and row options.

Do this was at least three hours after the regular WOD.
Run: 3x1000m, 2 min recoveries, best possible pace


Adam said...

sounds like an awesome WOD, I'm taking PMI and sleeping in.

I did the Army 10 Miler today, awesome race, highly recommended.

10 miles: 78:42, about a 7:50/mile pace.

ErinM said...

I almost caught the zoomie this morning!


Definitely made me improve my rope climbing technique.

Randothezoomie said...


I'll leave the rope climbing to you Army folk... Erin killed it this morning!

MikeRothenb said...



JWM said...


My ropes were good (pays to be long on this WOD) but I could have cut some time on the squats.

Pauly D said...

Good wod...definitely going to help my tan.

Anonymous said...

Ran the Army 10-miler yesterday, 81 minutes. Slowed several times to talk to friends I ran into on the course, so didn't really aim to break records.

Almost no preparation other than B&G WODs (did 8-miles last weekend, and 2-3 miles once or twice). Establishing a baseline functional fitness works.

Tex said...

I thought that I did well until MAJ Miller finished more than a 1 1/2 minutes ahead of me. Bah. Oh yeah, tore almost all the way though my shoes on the rope too. Thought they were tougher than that.