Thursday, 10/14/10

Bike Day

Today we are going to keep it "constantly varied" and his an exercise we rarely do in Black & Gold CrossFit.  Head over to the "cardio" room and find yourself a stationary bike.

30 minutes continuous biking

Sustain 85% of your maximum effort.


SG said...

6.62 miles at level 9 averaging 75 RPM.

MikeRothenb said...

10.5 miles at level 15 on the lifefitness bike averaging around 90rpm.

ErinM said...

Level 13-14, 7-8 miles, averaging 18mph.

jswobe said...

30 mins
9.11 miles
random program
levels 9-12
84 - 92 RPM

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Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Chris said...

13.6 miles @ level 10. AVG 103 RPM.

Chris said...

that was on a spinning bike with the monitor on it. not sure if the level on the did anything, since I was manually adjusting the resistance to keep around the 100 RPM mark.

Pauly D said...

I'm good...I knocked this one out in only 15 minutes.

Matt said...


I didn't even pay attention to the type of bike I was on and how far I went. Every minute I increased one level until it got to hard and then dropped back down then started over going up through the levels. My legs were tired and I was sweating, but my heart rate never passed 150 and I was never out of breath.

Tam said...

7.60 miles at level 6 averaging 87-96 RPM.