Wednesday, 10/27/10

10 x kettle bell swings (53/35)
20 x walking lunge steps (10 steps each leg)
30 x pushups
40 x air squats
50 x double unders

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If you have a jump rope, please bring it with you.  If you do not have one...spring for it.  They cost about $5 at the PX, Wal-Mart, or Target.

Run two miles at 90% of your max run speed.


Randothezoomie said...

4 rounds plus KBS, lunges, pushups, squats, and 40 SUs

Had to sub SUs in for DUs. Once again, I need to buy a jump rope (and work on DUs substantially)

SG said...

4 rounds + KBs + lunges + 9 PUs

Thanks for the push JWM!

Adam said...

3 rounds plus KBS (35 lbs), lunges, push ups and air squats. My jump rope broke during round 3 of DUs, but found a spare.

Smoked today, great WOD after about a week off.

JWM said...

4 rounds + KBS + lunges + 6 PUs

Great effort by everybody this morning. Great to see Russ out there! SG, thanks for pushing me.

Adam said...

A preview of tomorrow's WOD:

Wonder if this guy does CrossFit?

JWM said...

That video is insane!

ErinM said...

4 rounds plus KBS, lunges, and 22 push-ups.

Subsitituted SUs for DUs.

Chris said...

4 rounds, KBS, lunges, PU, 3 squats.

Kings said...

4 rounds plus, KBs(w/70 lbs), lunges, pushups, and squats.

Didn't have tome to squeak out the DUs to complete 5. Was my goat today. It probably would have taken me another couple of minutes to complete them.

Matt said...


4 rounds + 4 KBS

Pauly D said...

4 rounds plus 5 KBS.

jswobe said...

3 rounds plus KBs and lunges

A day behind on this one (Thurs, not Wed...)

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