Thursday 1/8/09

For weight.

Minimum 7 rounds of:

5 x Dumbbell dead lift
5 x Dumbbell hang squat clean
5 x Dumbbell push press
5 x Dumbbell squat

Rest as needed between rounds. Increase weight each time. Do each round with the same dumbells. If you put the dumbbells down at any time during the round, it does not count.

Post loads to comments.


Go Cubs said...

Completely underestimated this one:

Chris said...

I didn't really read the part about increasing the weight each time so I started a little heavier than I should have.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Failed on 65 at the push press. Put it down, reloaded and finished. Last complete set was 60lb.
Good WOD this morning guys. Lots of folks working hard and maintaing the intensity.

SB said...

another gut check
at 50lbs, I had to put the DBs down 3 times.

Mac said...

Glad I started light...
25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55

tex said...

Had a sore throat when I woke up for the workout. I am going to try it this afternoon.

AARON said...

First time using the B&G CrossFit site. Good workout this morning. Went from 25 (probably too light) to 55 (good workout there).

Demet-hook said...

Same as Wes. 25-55 increasing 5lbs each round

NM said...

My form was pretty much terrible @ 55.

Hope to see you all at CF Friday tomorrow.

tex said...

55(f after cleans)

My form was awful on the 6th round and I had to split the 7th round into 2 sets.