CrossFit Friday 1/16/09

Meet in Hayes Gym at 0530.

Buddy team effort through 3 stations.

Do stations 1-3, & repeat for 30 mins. total

Station 1:

40 x Sit-ups (feet not held)
30 x 4-Count Flutter Kicks
1 min x 6 inches
20 each side x Crunches
20 x Regular crunches
30 x Rowers

Station 2:

40 x Squats
25 x Lunges
25 x Knee Tucks
15 x Buddy Squats
1 min x Buddy Wall Sit

Station 3:

50 x Push Ups
20 x Pull-ups
30 x Diamond Push Ups
25 x Burpees
1 min x Watch TV
Bear Crawl across court and back.

Post time through all stations to comments.


SB said...

Cindy today.
21 increased by 4 from previous in Aug08.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

Read this one wrong and one did it once through. 20 flat. Will make up the 10 mins this afternoon.

JA said...

Will summed it up at the end when he said this is a good one when you're at home with no fancy equipment

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Started at station 1. Finished all three at around 20 min. Continued and made it to the 25 lunges of station 2 at the end of 30 minutes.

After the workout, MAJs Mayo, Wylie and I did the 50 push up, 20 pull up rotation twice. The goal was to go straight through without resting on the push ups or coming off the bar on the pull ups. We rested about 5 minutes between each 50/20 set. This was a "nice" way to end the week.

Good week, if you missed a workout this week, like I did, make it up this weekend. Otherwise get some rest and be ready for Monday.

Tex said...

Started at station 1 and made it through one total iteration and then to the end of station 2 in 30:40

Chris said...

Tex and I finished 5 stations (1-2-3-1-2) in about 30:30.

What a smoker...