Monday 1/19/09

Bench, pull, then run.

For time.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:

Bodyweight bench
Pull ups

Run 100m between each set.

Post time to comments.


Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Time: 19:43

This workout was quite a bit tougher than I thought it would be. My chest is wrecked. I was doing sets of 2 and 3 starting at 7. Felt great on the pull ups and the run was a rest. Actually dropped the bar on my chest due to muscle failure and couldn't get it up on 5. Thanks Chris for giving me a hand. Saw a good group in there today working hard. If you don't have a watch, get one. That is really the only way you can measure your progress. Matt Fieden was killing this workout today but because he didn't have a watch we only know it was around 10 minutes. Fast as hell but wouldn't it be great to have a mark on the wall.

Last plea, if you are using this site, I ask that you please post. There are a couple of reasons for this. One, it shows the powers that be that this is a valuble training tool and gives us some leverage when we ask for things like new equipment, space, level 1 certifications, and maybe eventually AIADs. Two, it allows you to measure your progress. If you think you are the slowest one out there, I can bet you are not. Don't let your ego get in the way of posting. Trust me there are many times when I wish I could hide my time but posting keeps us all accountable. CrossFit is not just a workout plan, it is a community.

Awesome work today!

Mac said...

Bench=205 (bw+5).

Couldn't agree more with the last post. I know there are a lot of cadets (and faculty) who base their daily workouts on this site, and keep track of other people's postings...join the community and post your times and thoughts!

C V said...

Today would be one of the days when I wish I didn't have to post.

Finished around 18:05.
Started out with 185# for sets 10-7.
Dropped down to 175 for the rest. Started need help on the last couple reps around set of 8.
By set of 6 I could barely manage groups of 3 reps.
By set of 4 it was 2's and 1's.

Did a lot of ring dips this weekend, hoping that was part of reason I was struggling so much. But, that doesn't discount the fact that BP is something I definitely need to work on.

NM said...

BW= 175
Time= 15:53

Thanks to Chris V and another unidentified cadet who rescued me on round 6 bench press. I could have sworn I had that fifth rep, but it just didn't work out in my favor...thanks, Fellas.

Joseph said...

Weight: 115 (BW minus 35)
Time: 22 minutes (just looking at a clock, left my watch on my desk)

I was definitely too conservative on the weight. I got started pretty late this morning and knew I wouldn't have time to break up the bench sets so I tried to scale a little. Should've spent less time huffing and puffing after the sprint too. still a good workout.

RW said...

19:49 (with alot of assistance from spotters)

Started at 190 and scaled to 185 on round 5 or 6.

Marc said...

36:20 - Ugh...have to get back into this. Pull-ups and run weren't bad, but the bench is a major weakness.

Robert said...



I used 135lbs for the first two bench press sets and then had to drop to 115 so I could do unbroken sets. Obviously I'm pretty weak on the bench, next time I do a workout like this I think I'll up the weight and sacrifice some intensity...need to get stronger at bodyweight exercises, pullups were a problem starting at 7 and I used the assisted pullup machine. Fun workout though.

BaldFrog18 said...

BW= 185
Time: 21:38

Had to scale back 20lbs at set 6. Was winded at set 5 and got more so as the time between sprints decreased.

MattF said...

BW=210lbs. (Bench weight-215lbs.)
Time= Just over 10 minutes

Good workout today. Good change up becuase I have not bench pressed in around 2 months. None of the WOD's I have done so far incorperated it. Next time I will bring a stop watch for sure. I wasnt exactly sure where the turnaround point for the 100 m run was, so I just ran the whole hallway down to the DPE doors and Back to the far doors before going back in...I hope that was right it felt around 100m. Well good workout, hope to do more and see B and G CF grow. Peace

Tex said...

Time: 22:15

Had to scale the bench after the 3rd set. As stated above the run and pull-ups were a breeze, but the bench destroyed me. Especially with combatives first hour.

Hampton said...

BW = 180lbs
Time: 16:43

Josh said...

BW: 180lbs
Time: 17:46
I needed some spotter assistance at the end but this was a great chest workout.

PTisFREE said...

22:13 (no spotter)
This is one of my favorite workouts.

Dana said...

BW= 195 lbs
Time: 23:15

This is my second week getting back into crossfit and I'm feeling pretty good.
Just glad there weren't any legs today, I like to start the week off walking.

MikeRo said...

BW = 175
Time: 24:56

By half way, I had to scale it down a bit to 155 and some assistance.

Go Cubs said...

Time: 25:48

I knew i might be in trouble when i thought i might throw up during the warmup, also maybe a little stubborn for not scaling and keeping up the intensity since bench is probably my worst lift.

Michael said...

I came in at a brutal 32:30 with 135# while spotting my buddy. I've noticed a huge improvement in my strength since I started right after Thanksgiving but bench is still one of my biggest weaknesses.

Chris said...

135lbs (BW = 195)
Time: 25:00
I wasn't going to kid myself by trying to do my BW. I know I'm not there. I think I could have pushed a little harder, but I was working alone, so I didn't want to go overboard.

Chuck Norris said...

BW= 165
Time: 25:28

The 3rd floor was congested as ever and had a hard time finding 100m to sprint and lost time waiting for equipment and partner. Topped the workout off by increasing weight and doing negatives till failure. Great workout.

VW said...

24 minutes, good workout

nate said...


Ya, that slower guy is me! Oh well, just motivation to get better.