CrossFit Friday 1/23/09

Meet in 2nd Floor gym.

As a group.

Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squats

8 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Rest is in the bottom of the squat. Total time 4 minutes. Score is the number of squats you did in the round which you did the fewest squats.


Split into 2 groups. One group go to basement, one to 4th floor. If you are on the basement you go up the flights of stairs if you are on the 4th floor you go down the flights. Either way, you will do the same work.

For time.

10 x Handstand push ups (sub 30 second hand stand)
Run up/down 1 flight of stairs, return to start.
20 x Burpees
Run up/down 2 flights of stairs, return to start.
30 x Push ups
Run up/down 3 flights of stairs, return to start.
40 x Sit ups
Run up/Down 4 flights of stairs then to Hayes Gym.

Hayes Gym is the surprise part of the workout. I'll explain it in the morning.

**Surprise part of workout for those who are doing the WOD later in the day**

As many rounds as it takes to complete 50 pull ups. Do as many pull ups as you can in a set, once you drop from the bar you must do 1 rope climb before starting next set. For example, you do 15 pull ups and drop from the bar. Then you do one rope climb. The next set you do 10 pull ups and drop for a total of 25. Then do one rope climb. Continue this until you have reached 50 total pull ups..

Post tabata score, total time and rounds to complete pull ups to comments.


Vanilla Gorilla said...

Finished at 0605, don't know what time we started though. The squats were good, hardest part was the rest. The route loop was good but there were a few people that weren't too sure of the stair course at first. The mystery didn't sound too hard on paper but it was tough, especially that last rope climb. Thought it was a good workout and there were a lot of people today.

Chris said...

Time: 24:29

I only got 2.5 laps up the rope and 20 pullups before I had to dip out. Good workout. I had some trouble on the handstand pushups (probably not surprising looking back on this week's workouts).

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Tabata score 14...not my best, I usually do around 16 or 17 but this has been a squat heavy week so I am not surprised.

Total time for the next 2, 19:32.

Completed the pull ups in 3 rounds, 25reps, rope, 15 reps, rope, 10 reps.

Good crowd today and some really good efforts out there. Have a great weekend.

dan09 said...

Tabata- 13
Stairs and Hayes- 15:30

Took three rounds to complete the pull ups (30, rope, 13, rope, 7)

RW said...

Tabata = 15

20:09 on the workout

Did hayes portion in 3 sets - 25 rope 12, rope 13

NM said...

Tabata = 14

20:17 on stairs and Hayes

Hayes took 5 rounds (18, rope, 10, rope, 10, rope, 8, rope, 4).

Great group out there today...

Max said...

West Point CrossFitters-

Saw on the main site there is a Level 1 cert scheduled.....that is great! Take the opportunity to go, it is worth it.

Get you plebe, team leader, roomate and get 'em into it. Nothing at West Point will get you ready for combat like CrossFit will....

Hope everyone on the "O" side of the house is doing well, it was definately great to be part of the CF community there at WP. Hit me up when you guys are enroute to Kansas this summer.

Upty, sorry for the discertation!


Ilya said...

Tabata - 12

Finished at 0610, not sure what time we started. The course itself was a great workout, and I finished in good time (one of the first 15/20 in Hayes, I'd say), but the surprise was brutal. At 4 sets, I was at something like 35 and hitting muscle failure on the first pullup, so me and a buddy spotted each other and did negatives for the full 50.