Friday 1/9/09

CrossFit Friday

Meet at Hayes Gym 0530.

For time.

Starting at the bottom of the stairs, 4 rounds of:

5 x Handstand push ups (sub=20 second hand stand)
10 x Burpees
15 x Push ups
Run stairs to 4th floor and back


in Hayes Gym

10 x Bar muscle ups (sub= 30 x push ups and 30 pull ups)
50 x Flutter kicks
40 x Iron abs
30 x Sit ups
20 x V-ups
10 x Ankles to bar
3 x Rope climbs


in 2nd floor Basketball Court

Lunge walk length of court down and back
50 x Squats
Lunge walk length of court down and back
30 x Tuck jumps
Lunge walk length of court down and back
10 x Pistols (one legged squats)

Post time to comments.


tex said...


The bar muscle-ups were a new, nasty animal. I was able to struggle through 3 then I had to sub the push-ups and pull-ups.

dan09 said...

rx'd - 29:00

I hope everybody enjoyed themselves

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

38:00...that was fun, MAJ Wylie gained bragging rights with his new found talent of bar muscle ups. I'm sure when he makes a calendar they will be on there everyweek.

Go Cubs said...

ran 8 miles tonight w/ a group of 5 we're running in a marathon in May

1:15- slow pace but i don't know if i've ever even run that far

Demet-hook said...

Ran the 8 miler w/ hips still hurt...posting late again