Thursday 1/2/09

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

15 x Body weight dead lift
9 x Pull up
21 x 35lb Dumb bell push press

Post number of reps to comments.

On this workout, you need to be constantly moving. If you are standing around looking at the weight, you need to scale down. If you are doing this in a big group, I recommend setting up a few bars. Set one at 155lb, 185lb, 205lb and maybe 225lb. Then pick which bar is closest to your weight. For example, I am 175lb. I may think I am a real fire breather and decide that I am going to go 10 pounds heavier or maybe 30. But on round 2 I'm doing 1 or 2 dead lifts at a time and it is taking me time to recover. In this case, I need to drop down to the 155lb bar and get after it. I will get more out of the workout by making my heart explode for 10 minutes than I will by continually putting the weight down. There is a place in CrossFit for heavy weights but an AMRAP is not it. Same goes for Dumb bell press. 35lb is the prescribed weight, if you have to scale down or go heavier then so be it. Just keep moving as fast as you can for 10 minutes. If you do not have cotton mouth at the end of this workout, you did not do it with enough intensity. That should the what is prescribed.

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