Tuesday 1/27/09

Freddy's Revenge

For time.

5 rounds of:

5 x 185lb** overhead anyway (press, push press, push jerk, split jerk)
10 x Burpees

In this workout it it does not matter how you get the weight overhead but for the rep to be complete you must be locked out, with active shoulders, head through the window and hips open and legs fully extended. I'll demonstrate in the morning for those who are still unsure.

Burpees include a clap at the top, feet must leave the ground and also hips must be fully open before going to the next rep.

**Rx'd weight for Freddy's Revenge is actually 185lb. I copied it incorrectly on the initial post and put 155lb. Scale this as needed. Remember it is better to maintain intensity. This workout was designed by and for a very elite group of CrossFitters to include Jason Kalipa, the winner of the CF Games last year.**

Post time to comments.

You can also post times and track your progress at http://beyondthewhiteboard.com/. Black and Gold CrossFit is listed under affiliates.


Vanilla Gorilla said...

6:59 Scaled to 115 lbs. That was a smoker.

Plum said...

155 x 2
135 x 3
Burpee's kicked my butt

Go Cubs said...

9:41 @ 155lbs, first 2 sets were push jerk, last 3 split jerk

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

As Rx'd 12:25. Burpees are what kept the intensity level up for me on this one. I alternated between the split jerk and push jerk as I started to get tired/smoked. By round 3, I was doing the overheads 1 at a time.

Anonymous said...

155 x 1
135 x 4
i did push press first 3 sets,then split jerk last 2. I felt like I was able to generate more power on my last 2 sets with the split jerk. Burpee's smoked me.

Dana said...

155x1, 135x4

Yep, I forgot how many sets I had done and needed my ranger buddy to get me back in line.

C V said...

As Rx'd 7:43. Really enjoyed this one.

Mac said...

7:12, scaled to 135. Push pressed the first 3, and then push jerked the last two. Burpees made this workout.

SB said...

7:54 w/ scale to 115lbs
burpees had their usual effect.
Great video on the main site today entitled "Hybrid athletics"....when watching it think about the amount of work done in a 11:00.

Joe said...

7:29 scaled to 135.

that was killer. but mad fun.

MattF said...

6:59 Rx'd. Good WOD.

NM said...

11:08 scaled to 155 lbs. Started out with 165 lbs but quickly found out on the 1st round, 3rd rep that I had over-estimated! Can't wait to do this one again...

PTisFREE said...

Scaled to 135, shoulders are pretty much fried.

Michael said...

8:40 with 95# and a cold. This was a really good workout, I look forward to doing it again when I'm not sick.

usarmychick09 said...

8:56 scaled to 45 lbs, should have done more weight. Just startin' crossfit.

Robert said...



You people who can do this Rx'd humble me...

T8 said...



nate said...

11:07 155x1 145x1 135x3

Should have started at 135. Took a while to change weights cause I was alone but was still smoked even with the rest. Excuses, excuses...

Does anyone know why I have to keep re-signing up to put in comments?

Also, does anyone know if we have a glut-ham machine?

VW said...

scaled to 135

C V said...

There are no Glute Ham Developers in Arvin. There is one in the 3rd Reg weight room and one in the 4th Reg weight room. Both are in the basement of MacLong.
We have a few GHD's slotted to go into the CF training area which will hopefully being going in the the '62 Room in the near future.

Tex said...

1st set 155lb
2nd-5th 135lb

There were a ridiculous number of people in the weight room. It is great to see the huge growth in CrossFit here at West Point.

CR said...

135 - 1st set
115 - 2nd-5th set

Demet-hook said...

first set i did 165...scaled down to 135 for the next four sets..