Saturday 1/24/09

Rest day or Make up day.

If you missed a workout this week, make it up today.

Happy 500th night to the class of 2010.

More info to follow shortly on the Level 1 Certification in April. I'm also working on getting a Running Cert, Gymnastics Cert and possibly a Kettlebell Cert.


Tex said...
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Tex said...

I have been doing almost every B&G CrossFit workout for 4 months and I really learned a lot from the CrossFit Start-up Guide: Part 1. Thanks, MAJ Blackmon, for posting that.

Anonymous said...

What does certification do?

Go Cubs said...

Bobby, A level one certification really helps you to understand the tenants of CrossFit, the different movements, nutrition, etc. I along w/ 3 other cadets went to a cert. in november, we learned a ton, and it really was a great experience, i would go to one if anybody gets a chance, also, if you are ever interested in starting your own CrossFit gym, you have to have a level one certification