Wednesday 1/14/09

For time.

5 rounds of:

30m overhead 45lb barbell lunges
15 x Push ups
30m overhead 45lb barbell lunges
25 x Squats

Post time to comments.


RW said...

This is one of those workouts that looks easy on paper and then is a wrecking ball in execution. 300m total of overhead lunges, ouch!

MAJ Mayo and I alternated with a 45lbs barbell and 45lbs plate. The plate is harder to keep overhead because you have to use a lot more shoulders. This added a another positive element of suck to the workout that I would recommend. Plus if you are doing it with a partner you both fit in the hallway - the bar is really wide.

NM said...

Yeah, I definitely underestimated this one. Good stuff...

MikeRo said...

23:31 with two 20 pound barbells much as possible.

My legs are burnt

Mac said...

15:20. Went 35m instead of 30, because I'm hard like that. Also ended up dropping the bar to my shoulders for every 5 steps after the first two sets. Legs are feelin' good.

Chris said...

Definitely felt the effects of this one in class this morning.

Robert said...

So after a couple of weeks of lurking...this is my inaugural Black and Gold Crossfit post.

I did this with a buddy and clocked in at a woefully slow 27:33...using a 25lb plate. Great workout, but my legs need a lot of work.

Go Cubs said...

had to take a day off, ran 8 miles yesterday afternoon and did the WOD yesterday morning, my body was wrecked this morning, i'll see everybody in the morning

Tex said...

My TAC dragged the CoC out to do lame PT near Clinton lots this morning. I did the workout this afternoon.


*used 45 plate and accidentally did 25 push-ups and 15 squats.

Bobby said...

13:24 as RX'd. Used a 45 lb plate. I may have undercut the lunges and done 25 or so. Not too sure.

Njc said...

just under 15:00,
with a 35lb plate,
smoked, but feel good (for now)