Thursday 1/22/09


For time.

21-15-9 reps of:

95lb Sumo deadlift high pull
95lb Overhead squat

Post time to comments.

Level 1 CrossFit Certification coming to West Point in 25-26 April. Come see me for more info.


Go Cubs said...

here's a link to exercises and demos on the HQ website, i would definitely check it out if you have any questions on movements

Vanilla Gorilla said...

as rx'd 6:02

There was a great video posted yesterday on the HQ website about grip that really paid off today.

PTisFREE said...

Needed to work on OHS so I scaled to 85 to get deeper.

SB said...

9:10 w/ scale to 65lbs
Probably should have scaled SDHP to 85. OHS kicked my butt. Good WOD though.

Ilya said...

10:00 (roughly) with an OHS scale to 65 to keep up form. Killed the shoulders.

Go Cubs said...

rx'd, 6:59

C V said...

4:00. Had the same burn in my chest that you get after the IOCT.

Thinking about starting a CF movements class. It would mostly cover proper form for some of the popular exercises like cleans, squat, dead lift, kipping pull-ups, presses, and whatever other exercises might be on the list for the upcoming week. It would probably be in the afternoon or night, with CrossFit certified coaches and others that have been trained in the movements. I'm just trying to see if there would be any interest among the Corps for this. If you would be interested in it, shoot me an email at x91215.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

4:45. Felt great on the over head squats. Wanted to puke on the SDLHP.

I want to take a little bit of time here to talk about what CrossFit is. We all know it is ass kicking exercises but how do you define it. 6 words really break it down.

CrossFit is: Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements.

I think most of us get the constantly varied and high intensity piece so, based on some things I saw this morning, I want to focus on the functional movement part.

Functional movements can be broken down into 8 elements. A functional movement really does all of these things or else it does not fit the definition of functional. This is what makes CrossFit different from what most of us know as a circuit training.

For a movement to be functional it must be:

1. Natural, meaning something that happens in nature. Dead lifts, squats, pull ups are all excellent example of this. You do these everyday whether you even realize it, most of the time with very little if any load.

2. UMRP (Universal motor recruitment pattern) or in even simpler terms, core to extremity power. Meaning I get my momentum from my core and use that to move weight at my extremities. A kipping pull up is a great example of this.

3. Efficient and effective. If movement is not the most efficient way to move the weight then if does not meet the definition of functional. This pretty much excludes any kind of isolation exercise like bicep curls or skull crushers.

4. Essential. Meaning you must to this to live. You must be able to stand up (squat) you must be able to get up out of bed (sit up) you must be able to get up off the ground (push up).

5. Compound or multi-muscular. Again, this kind of ties in with efficient. But all CF exercises use more than one muscle group.

6. Elemental. This simply means it cannot be reduced any further. Think about a dead lift, I cannot find a more elemental way to move weight from the ground to the hang position.

7. SAFE. This is probably the most important and the one I will be focusing in on over the next few weeks. If it is not SAFE then you risk injury. I saw a lot of folks struggling with the overhead squat today. I didn't see anything unsafe but I did see some folks probably trying to do more weight than they should have. Starting next week at 0530, I will talk you all through each workout prior to us getting after it. When you come in, meet in the front left corner, next to the kettle bells so I can make sure that we cover the safety factor of the workout. Even more importantly I'll get some help to show you what right looks like so that you can be safe.

8. Each movement is designed to help you move large loads, long distances, as quickly as possible.

I know this was long but I want you to make sure you understand what we are doing. If you have a buddy who is claiming to be doing CrossFit, take a look at their workout. If his/her movements meet these tenants then, yes they probably are CrossFitting. If not, help steer him/her in the right direction.

MattF said...


Felt good on OHS, depth was the best it has been and stayed on my heels real well. Good Workout today. Cannot stress enough how important what CV and MAJ B are saying. Technique and safety are very important. Have people who have practiced the exercises before help you and give you little tips. You would be suprised how much better it is (and how much more smoked you are) after being able to go ALL the way down on any squatting movement in CF. Little things like that will make the difference at all levels of performance not just WOD's.

NM said...

9:46, though had to scale the OHS to 65 lbs.

Good workout, though was another that exposed my weaknesses for sure. Continuing to work on OHS form...right now it's pretty ugly.

Hope to see you all at CF Friday tomorrow AM...MAJ Blackmon and MAJ Wylie planned it so come expecting a smoker...

Chris H(ugs) said...

Weight for Sumos: 95lbs
Weight for OHS: 55-65lbs
Time: 15 mins

First, I misunderstood how to do the workout. My partner did the first 21 of each exercise, then I did 21, then he did 15, etc. I'll have to fix that next time.

Second, the Sumos went well. However, I put the 95lbs over my head for the squat and I felt like my shoulders were going to rip out of their sockets. My form was horrible. I know my legs are strong enough for that weight, but for some reason I just didn't feel comfortable with it over my head. I'm going to look at some online vids of the exercise and practice with just the bar.

RW said...

I was surprised how the fatique in my shoulders from the SDLHPs really effected my stability on the OH squat.

T8 said...

Scaled OHS to 85lbs. OHS form needs work.

Robert said...

I missed yesterdays workout so I did both today.

Clean and Jerks: 95,115,115,115,95

Grant: 10:32

I subbed back squats for the OHS...I really need to work on my shoulder flexibility because I can barely go halfway down before the bar starts to drift forward and in front of my center of gravity. The SDHP's also fatigued me faster than I was expecting...good stuff.

Michael said...

9:20. I used 95# for the SDLHP but 45# on the OHS. I had really good form on the OHS so I'm glad that I scaled to the point that I was not afraid the bar would fall onto my head. Fun workout today.

Tex said...

as rx'd 7:08

Dana said...

Peter and I:

Had some trouble doing the OHS but will incorpate it into our warm up to increase flexibility.

CR said...

10:35, scaled OHS to 65 lbs.