Thursday, 12/02/10

Four rounds for time
25 pull-ups
Run gym loop (400m)

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Adam said...

17:14 - first round of pull-ups as RX'ed, subsequent rounds were a combo of strict, jumping, blue band, and self-pity pull-ups.

That was a tough one!

MikeRothenb said...

scaled it down to 20 pull-ups per round

great workout. Arms are smoked. felt a little difficult to get the fork to my mouth at breakfast this morning, an interesting feeling.

Mac said...

A day behind, so did yesterday's WOD. 6 rds +5 box jumps. That was fun...

Kings said...

15:37. Pull-ups kept coming slower and slower. Tried to make it up on the gym loops.

Matt said...


I sub'd Chest to Bar pull-ups and did a 500m route as per last night's post.


Pull-ups are one of the few things I can do well. I would like to thank my fried Cal for coming out early this morning for the WOD. Having someone else suffering makes it a lot better.

JC said...

18:07 - Grueling minutes at the MWR Gym. Tough second day back on the CF wagon. I also applied Adam's combo method using strict, jumping, and alot of self-pity pull-ups.

JWM said...

11:37 as Rx'd

Pull-ups were pretty solid but the gym loops were rough as there was never a cardio rest!

JC, great to have you back on the wagon.

Matt, love the scaling up! It will be good to get you working out with the rest of the group next year!

jswobe said...


Those pull-ups got hard after the first round. Lots of breaks to get 25 done...

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SG said...

14:40 as rx'd