Tuesday, 12/14/10

"Super Helen"For time:
3 gym loops (or 1200 meters)
63 kettlebell swings (53/35)
36 pull-ups
2 gym loops (or 800 meters)
42 kettlebell swings (53/35)
24 pull-ups
1 gym loop (or 400 meters)
21 kettlebell swings (53/35)
12 pull-ups

Post time to comments.

Please tape your hands for this one.  We don't want you to lose any skin!


JWM said...

I am going to miss the morning crew for this one but really want to hit this WOD so hopefully will be able to make it up in the afternoon.

ErinM said...

I guess this was a cadet only day (funny because it is the middle of TEE week).

Brutal. 18:38
26 lb kb
jumping pull-ups

Adam said...

I made it in a bit late and had the joyous opportunity to do Super HELLen alone.

27:00 w/ 35 lb KB and a combo of strict, blue band, and jumping pull-ups.

JC said...

Super Exhausted after that one.

22:55 35lb KB, strict, and blue band PUs.

Tough but great WOD! Would like to see more like it.

Kings said...

Did this one on my own as well. Felt slow, but I always feel like I move faster with a partner. I may just working out all the junk from this last weekend.

24:29 w/ 53lb KB and slow kipping pull-ups.

Tex said...

Shoulders still hurt from Friday's competition, so I did the main site WOD:
3 rft of:
10 DL
30 GHD sit-ups

DL @ 275 and had to do regular sit-ups for the final 20 of the last set.

Matt said...


My goal was sub-25:00. I scaled up to chest-to-bar pull-ups. Everything else was as Rx'd.


Anonymous said...

22:53, as Rx'd.

Awesome pre-vacation WOD...now I'm ready to go stuff my face with cake and pie.

MikeRothenb said...

21:54 w/ 53lb kettlebell and ended up doing jumping pull-ups after the first 10

a tough WOD in many ways

JWM said...

21:56 as Rx'd

What an awesome WOD. It totally destroyed me and the second round in particular was especially demoralizing.

Big thanks to SG who moves like a gazelle and gave me something to chase on the runs!

sdc said...

23:40 with 35 lb kb

SG said...

21:53 with 35 lb KB swings

A must to have a good partner during this nightmare. JWM, you killed this one! Nice work.

jswobe said...


ugh. maybe it was just a bad day, but the pull-ups were brutal...

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