Thursday, 12/30/10

WOD #1:
Five rounds for time:
10 pullups
10 front squats (135/95)
WOD #2:
Five rounds for time:
30 pushups
30 broomstick thrusters 
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Mac said...

Back at it in a Dallas hotel room after an 8-day experiment; what does the body do if you eat and drink too much for 8 days? Maybe I could turn it into a reality TV show?

Not good for the burpees, though. Did the WOD from several days ago (1-mile, 50 burpees, 50 mtn climbers, 1-mile). 20:15, using a treadmill.

Beat SMU!

Kings said...

Did yesterday's workout of the day:
15 min AMRAP:
500m Row
25 Push Press 115#
50 Situps

Finished 2 rounds + row + 13 push press.

I have been enjoying the amount of rowing lately. I am going to try to do today's workout after the game today.


Adam said...

too funny Mac, I'm sure a lot of us are in the same boat.

Today I went for a 40 minute run and covered about 5 miles. I had to enjoy my last day of the 65 degree FL sunshine before heading back to the WP gloom.

Go Army, Beat SMU!

jswobe said...

WOD #1:


Matt said...


I'm going to have to listen to my body today. In the last week both my boys have been sick and my wife is getting it now. My body is currently fitting it, but the fight is taking its toll. Today will be a recovery day and may be tomorrow.

GO ARMY!!! 16-14

BPC said...

6:09- Wed WOD
Did a track workout from the Endurance site: 3x (200m+ 400m+ 600m)
6:29- Thur WOD