Saturday, 1/1/11 - Sunday, 1/2/11

Rest Days!

Happy New Year Black & Gold!

Take the weekend off and get ready for another semester.  Sign the contract now with your mind and body that you will be a stronger, faster, and healthier warrior in 2011, and get that program started by joining us on Monday morning at 0530!


Adam said...

Happy New Year everyone, hope to see you in the '62 room every week day at 0530, not just for the first few weeks!
Gym memberships and attendance peak the month of January and then fall off dramatically...don't be a statistic, show up and do CrossFit!

Anonymous said...

Ran 2 miles, 50 pullups, 2 miles, 100 double unders. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

21-15-9 of 95lb OHS, 53lb KB swings, DUs (6:17), followed by 21-15-9 135lb bench press and pushups.

Not the most impressive showing, but it's a new year...

ErinM said...

WOD from earlier this week on Saturday morning:
run 1 mile
50 burpees/50 mountain climbers
run 1 mile