Thursday, 12/16/10

Five rounds for time:
15 reps overhead squat (95/65)
30 double unders

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If you want to give any Black and Gold shirts to your friends and family for the holidays, hit up MAJ Miller.  In January we are going to send our excess shirts back to the printer so they can sell them, but the price will increase by almost $10 each when we do.


Matt said...

How much for the shirts now? I don't know how I'll get it. May be I'll just have to wait until July.

Adam said...

8:34 with 45 lbs. for OHS.

DUs were rocking and I think I've finally gotten the hang of OHS, now I just need to be able to add more weight.

JWM said...

13:50 as Rx'd

If you figure a really slow squat takes 3 seconds, then I spent no more than 3*75=225 seconds doing the OHS. That is 3:45 doing the squats. I spent no more than 45 seconds per round doing the DUs which is a total of 3:45 of DUs. Add that up and it comes out to 7:30 of actual work which means I spent a good 6:20 feeling sorry for myself and staring at the bar. Not sure if I made the right call on the weight for this one but am glad I got the rep work in at 95.

Matt, hit me up on the email and I can coordinate to mail you a shirt if you want.

ErinM said...

13:08 with 45 lb. 120 single under substitute. Thanks for letting me borrow the jump rope!

Total shoulder smoker.

Matt said...


JWM, I'll shoot you an email today.

10:30 As Rx'd.

I can't wait to see what Kings got on this one.

Anonymous said...

9:24. Went through all of the DUs without a break, which definitely helps. OHS's were a little bit more challenging.

Can't wait to see how badly Kings crushes me on this one.

JC said...

9:47 @ 65lb. OHS

MikeRothenb said...

didnt get to it today, packing up and outprocessing

Going to Air Assault in January, then to Russia for the semester. I'm going to bring the mokey-like crossfit skills to the motherland.

Had a great semester, im grateful we have such a good place to workout, it will be interesting to see what they have over there

Ill see y'all in May

Kings said...

7:17 as Rxed.

I won't lie. I really enjoyed that workout.

I mean, what's better than an OHS?

Adam said...

Mike, good luck in Mother Russia, watch out for the vodka and break them off American-style with some CF WODs! They probably will have kettlebells actually marked in poods. Das veedanya (horribly misspelled)

jswobe said...


45 lb OHS rds 1-4
55 lb OHS rd 5

Damn it.

BRTRC -- People, Technology, Excellence
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

jodi said...

13:50 --45#

Started Rx'd (65#) for 1st round...striped down to 45# for rounds 2-5. No subs on the Dubs! :D

sdc said...


subbed thrusters for OHS because of a bum shoulder