Monday 12/20/10

Hi everybody.  I hope your break is off to a great start.  I know many of you will not have daily access to a gym this week.  For that reason, we are going to post two WODs each day.  WOD #1 is one that you can do in the gym.  WOD #2 you should be able to do anywhere as long as you can find access to a jungle gym.  Feel free to use either of the WODs are choose your own WODs.  Either way, PLEASE POST so we know whether you are using them or not.  If we do not have people using the WODs, we might take the following week off of programming and then start it up again after new years.

So here is what we have for Monday..

WOD #1
Row 5k for time

WOD #2
Run 5k for time

Post WOD and time to comments.


Matt said...


5k row
18:47 (PR)

ErinM said...

Did my local 4 mile loop around the university by my house on Sunday.

28:23 (PR for that route!)

jswobe said...

5K run


(from the fitness center to Spesutie Island gate)

BRTRC -- People, Technology, Excellence
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Kings said...

19:21 - 5k row.

Dropped 8 seconds off of my 11/26 time, but still short of my PR by about 30 seconds. I guess I need to get more rowing in.

Matt, great time.

Tex said...

Did some starting strenght work:
5 sets, 5 reps of shoulder press at 105

5 sets 3 reps of power cleans at 165

Initially planned to run in the afternoon, but that fell through.