Wednesday, 12/15/10

Sorry for the late post tonight...tomorrow is gymnastics goat day.

Pick your biggest gymnastics goat and spend 30 solid minutes focusing on improving it.  As an alternative, take two of your biggest gymnastics goats and make a 15 minute AMRAP with them.

A list of exercises to consider:
Air Squats
Rope climbing
Handstand push-ups

I think you get the idea...


Adam said...

Although I considered doing an AMRAP30 of burpees or double unders, I went with a mix of goats:

muscle-ups (never got one)
Overhead squats
Farmer's carry
Weighted sit-ups

It's definitely hard to stay motivated when left to your own devices!

JC said...

So many goats so little time....

Decided to split time between two big goats. Muscle-ups and handstands. Threw some double-unders in to break up the sets.

Wanted to do some rope climb work also, but didn't have any of the gurus there to coach.

Tex said...

I'm embarrassed to post my Filthy Fifty time from today: 27:26. Thanks to Maj. for all the encouragement. I was just spent. I blame being sick. Maybe all the back today after the DLs yesterday was a bad idea.

Adam said...

Tex, you're a stud if you do the Flifthy Fifty just for fun.

MikeRothenb said...

five rounds:
max rep pull-ups
max time wall handstand

ErinM said...

Mixed some goats with some weight lifting today.

After doing kartwheels down the hallway...

5x5 Back squats (65-85-85-90-95)
5x5 Bench Press (55-55-60-65-70broken)
5x5 pull-ups (all unassisted!)

Matt said...


The plan was to do 100 Burpees for time, rest 3 min. and then do 100 inverted burpees for time. I got through the 100 burpees, but my wrist started bothering me on the inverted ones so I stopped at 25. I've hurt my wrist before, and I don't want to go back there.

Burpees: 6:17
Inverted: under 4 min.