Friday, 12/31/10

Bike 10k with any bike you can come up with (stationary bike, your old BMX in the garage, whatever!)

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ErinM said...

Just (literally) rolled out of the car from driving for over 22 hours on packed snow and ice from Wyoming and did the WOD from the 26th with the somersaults. Needless to say, nearly puked a few times... 13:44 as Rx'ed.

Otherwise, been snowshoeing in the backcountry of the Grand Tetons for the past three days.

JC said...

Worked out at Front Range Crossfit in Denver.

3 RFT - 5:26

30 Pushups
30 Kettlebell Swings (20KG)

Bonus O-Lift Session:

5 Rds - 1+1+1 - PC, HSC, SC - 85lb
2 Rds - 2+2 - Snatch, OHS - 65lb