Wednesday 12/31/08

CrossFit Total

1 rep max of:

Back squat
Shoulder press
Dead lift


Run 10k.

Be safe on New Years.


SB said...

3 rnds:
800m run
50 back ext (subbed 45lb bar good mornings)
50 situps

time: 23:31

Have a safe new year's everyone.

Go Cubs said...

Fight gone bad, great way to end the year
Round 1,2,3:
Wall ball: 18,17,15
SDLHP 75#: 21, 15, 14
20" box jump: 22,20,20
Push Press: 20,17,17
Row (calories): 11,13,11

Total: 251

Made my own 20 pound medicine ball last night so it was interesting throwing a disk shaped med ball, my brother absolutely dominated this one with a 323 and he's on his 2nd week of crossfit- if i can get him to stay with it, he's definitely worthy of going to the games. This is a WOD we should definitely do sometime in the future w/ the new med balls