Wednesday 12/24/08

Workout 1:


For time.

3 rounds of:

400m run
21 x 55lb Kettlebell swings
12 x Pull ups


Workout 2:


For time.

3 rounds of:

800 m run
400 m backwards run

Post workout and time to comments.


Chris said...

Working out with CrossFit Plano while I'm home.
1000m row
30 OHS 95#
10 MU
500m row
15 OHS
5 MU

did it in 12:45 with the MU starting from my knees.
If you're in the Dallas area check it out.

Go Cubs said...

Kinda disappointed...did helen, i figured i would just use the clock on the wall, well i looked up after i was done and i had looked at the hour hand before, still a good workout but no clue what my time was, i've been doing mostly stuff from the main sight cuz that's what my brother's are doing, so i figured i'd get some workouts in with them