Friday 12/26/08

Workout 1:


For time.

5 rounds of:

400m run
10 x Hand stand push ups

Workout 2:

GI Jane

For time.

100 x Burpee Pull ups

Post workout and time to comments.


SB said...

Hope everyone's christmas went well! Howdy DB.
Today I did:
25x BW DL
300yd shuttle
25x 45lb thrusters
300yd shuttle
25x 45lb front sqt
300yd shuttle
25x 45lb push press
300yd shuttle

time: 14:50
Harder than i thought it would be...was feeling pretty good though

Max said...

Hope every one had a great Christmas. Still waiting on our new arrival.

Everything here on post is closed!

Made up a triplet I could do at the house.

For Time:
Row 1000
36 Elevated parallette pushups
24 Medball cleans

Row 750
27 Elevated parallette pushups
18 Medball cleans

Row 500
18 Elevated parallette pushups
12 Medball cleans

Row 250
9 Elevated parallette pushups
6 Medball cleans


Anytime you go from rowing to anything else, it pretty much sucks.