Tuesday 12/16/08


For time.

5 rounds of:

20 x 55 lb Kettle bell swing
Gym loop (400m run)

Post time to comments.


RW said...


I hate the gym loop

Chris said...


Chris said...

If anyone is wanting some personal KB's, Ader has a distribution point in Dallas and I'll be driving back from there after Christmas. That'll save shipping.
Take 10% mil discount off the costs from http://www.kettlebellinc.com/products/index.php?cat_id=6
Let me know if you want some. x91215

SB said...

17:22 as Rx'd

I ran the gym loop all the way down to 1st floor and then back up to 3rd (i couldnt remember if that was the one we ran in lieu of 400m)

tex said...


Black and Gold CrossFit said...


This was the first time we did this workout. This is what CrossFit is all about. Anyone can do Fran over and over again and get your time down. It is the gut checks of new workouts that make the difference. You need the bench marks to measure progress but as mentioned in numerous posts, combat will punish the specialist.

Max said...

Still working the Rippetoe Starting Strength WODs on M/W/F since Arvin has everything that is needed.

This WOD goes in the book as a good one for the garage gym at Leavenworth!

Did Helen down at Gillis Field House....as RX'd 9:49 (pr) while the wife walked trying to get the baby moving.

I love Gillis' pull-up bar.

The cage is always open so the barbell / running WODs are easily executed.

Anyone going to be around on DEC 20? There is a Crossfit Challenge down in Hoboken, requires 6-man team....

Mac said...

13:08. Ran the same loop as SB with no stops and at a fast pace, so pretty impressed at times that were a minute and a half faster than mine. Good WOD.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Gym loop=Start at 3rd floor weight room doors facing out looking at the what would be Hayes Gym. Go down the stairs on the right to the first floor. Run the hallway, take left and run up the stairs by the basketball courts to third floor and back to 3rd floor weight room. It is a little shorter than 400m but the stairs make up for that.