CrossFit Friday 12/12/08


Meet in 2nd Floor gym.

For time:

50 x push ups
50 x flutter kicks
bear crawl 1 length of court
40 x push ups
40 x sit ups
bear crawl
30 x elevated push ups
30 x leg lifts
buddy carry
20 x wide grip push ups
20 x v-ups
bear crawl
10 x close grip push ups
10 x iron abs


4 x Indoor Obstacle Course

Post time to comments.


SB said...

Fight Gone Bad

Wall ball= 69
SDHP = 29
Box jump = 63
Push press = 36
*KB swings (35lbs)= 45
*subbed instead of row
Total= 242

Chris said...

Great fun this morning. Especially the third IOCT.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Had fun this morning too. Meant to post earlier. Good flexibility by MAJ Mayo on the IOCT. For those who aren't tracking we only did 3 rounds in 15 minutes starting at 0:00, 5:00, 10:00. Your rest came based on how fast you finished.

Enjoyed the ability to maintain the intensity. Good week. Good luck on TEEs for most of you.

tex said...

the 3rd round was a Duesy'