Monday 12/8/08

IOCT (I Obviously Crave Torture)

Meet in Hayes Gym.

3 x Indoor Obstacle Course

Rest 5 minutes between each round.

Post time of slowest round to comments.


SB said...

1st rnd: 2:47
the last two watch somehow stopped each time so no time to show, but they were considerably slower than 1st.
Evil workout.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Yup...I still hate the IOCT and Hayes still makes me cough like a 2 pack a day smoker.

3:25 was the slowest time. I would have made a D in military movement. Awful! I think we should do this once a week just to work on technique.

tex said...

1st rnd: 2:44
2nd rnd: 3:05
3rd rnd: 3:25

This was absolutely brutal, but I agree with MAJ Blackmon

Mac said...

Ended up doing "Freddie's Revenge" from the main website today. Great workout - 5 rds of 5x 185lb jerk presses and 10x burpees. Scaled to 140 for weakness, time of 8:20.

Max said...

Mac, I almost did the same, but ended up doing Starting Strength WOD B. Class was in session when I went over the Arvin.

Back Squat 5-5-5 (155)
Shoulder Press 5-5-5 (105)
Power Clean 5-5-5 (135)
Weighted Ring Pull-ups 5-5-5 (35)

Hopefully can increase weights next time.

Then ran 4x400 w/ 2min rest in between

Maybe G.W. would want to hit the IOCT tomorrow.....

Chris said...

Went and did CFE ( beforehand b/c Hayes was too crowded to run it.

Finished CFE and went straight into IOCT.
3:40 was the slowest time on the last one. An absolute ughh.. crap show.

IOCT just got added to my list of Goats. Along with HSPU's, KTE's, MU's.

RW said...

3:18 was my slowest time and my fastest time was not much better.

Demet-hook said...


Max said...

1) 3:48
2) 3:44
3) 3:32

Nothing better than failing the IOCT 3 times on one day.