Saturday 12/27/08

Rest Day or Make up day. I'm going to CF Champions for the 12 Days of CrossFit...I'll let you know how it goes.


SB said...

today i did the WOD from the HQ site:
5x 95lb thrusters
7x 95lb hang power cleans
10x 95lb SDHP
# rnds in 20 min

total= 5 rnds and 1 thruster
good WOD...95lb was a struggle for me

Max said...

Did another Starting Strength WOD. These are starting to get boring, but I am only doing them for another 2 weeks. Decent gains so far.

FS 5-5-5 (195#)
BP 5-5-5 (190#)
DL 5 (300#)
Weighted RDP 5-5-5 (25#)

Started with 15 muscle-ups, took me 9 minutes to get through 10 and 18 minutes to get through them all....1/2 way to the 30 MUs!

SB - that one looks like FUN!!!!

No new arrival yet....

Go Cubs said...

Went to Crossfit Memphis today.

4 rounds of:
20 reps 75# Thrusters
20 reps 55# KB Swings
20 reps 24" box jumps
20 reps pushups

Time: 23:05

Great WOD and one i would like to do in the future, it was about 20 times harder than i expected

Chris said...

Had fun at "Suffer on Saturday" at CF Plano

5min work on each exercise, 5 min rest
24in Box Jumps
24kg KB Swing
Push Ups
24kg KB press, single arm
1 mile run

The box jumps smoked me from the start. My calves were shaking for the rest of the workout. Almost popped the clutch and hit another car in the parking lot driving away becasue my legs were so unsteady.

Anyone see any cool ideas, techniques, or equipment that a CF affiliate is using that we might be able to bring to WP? Post 'em.

Also, if the affiliate that you are working out at has a pull up bar system, it would help me out a lot if you could take a few pictures of it. Looking to see how other gyms engineered their base, joints, connections, spacing, thickness of material. Thanks for the help.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Did the 12 Days of CrossFit at CF Champions here in Houston. Great workout and had a number of other affiliate folks there. May try and go to CF Houston this week too to see how they do business. Here is what we did. Imagine the song and how you sing the song. So we started with 100m run, then 2 burpees and a 100m run, then 3x 185lb Deadlift, 2 x Burpees, and a 100m run. So on and so on.

Day-100m run
Day-2 x burpees
Day-3 x 185lb Deadlift
Day-4 x Knees to elbows
Day-5 x 15lb slam ball
Day-6 x push ups
Day-7 x 55lb KB Swings
Day-8 x Pull ups
Day-9 x 20lb Wall balls
Day-10 x Hip extentions
Day-11 x 40lb Dumb bell snatch
Day-12 x 30" box jumps.

Took me 29:52. Finished 5th of about 50 folks that were there so B&G CF was well represented.

SB said...

DB...way to represent.
we will have to do those 12days next month.

tex said...

In the morning I did
1/2 mile warmup
6x600m (1:53 slowest)
1 mile cooldown

I did the same one as SB in the afternoon.
I went for 24 minutes (had to get in one more set). I managed 8 rounds, but the weight began to be a real struggle for me. I am really hurting today.