Monday 12/29/08


For time.

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

5 x Pull up
10 x Push up
15 x Squat

Post time to comments.


Go Cubs said...

Did this the other day on the HQ website
23 rounds

SB said...

Awesome video of the day on CF HQ website...a must see.

Chris said...

Been working out with CF Plano TX. I thought I had decent form for the most part but the trainers have been showing me everywhere where I am off and pointing out how I compensate in my movements for weaknesses I didn't know I had. Pretty cool stuff.
4 rounds:
10L/10R KB Clean and Press
1L/1R Turkish Get up
10L/10R KB Swing
1L/1R Turkish Get up

My time was pretty bad at 17:50 but the trainers kept stopping me and going over the little details of in my form. I think it hurt my time today but it will pay off in the long run and help me stay uninjured.

Max said...

Another Starting Strength WOD

BS 5-5-5 (200#)
SP 5-5-5 (115#)
PCLN 5-5-5 (155#)
WPU 5-5-5 (45#)

No new arrival yet....we are 1 day past LD and the misses is READY!

SB said...

rest day today for me.....i somehow got on a 3 and 1 cycle.
went to the Independence Bowl last night....tailgated with my relatives from La Tech....and yes..i did remind them that we beat them.