Thursday 12/18/08

For time:

Gym loop
25 x Body weight dead lifts
Gym loop
25 x 45lb Thrusters
Gym loop
25 x 45lb Front squat
Gym loop
25 x 45lb Push press
Gym loop

Sub for Gym loop is 400m run.

Gym loop is from 3rd floor weight room ,take right down to first floor, run the hallway back up to the 3rd floor, and to the door you came out of.

Alternate workout is 1/2 mile warm up, 6 x 600m with 2 min rest, 1 mile cool down.


Black and Gold CrossFit said...

11:44.6--Why the .6 you ask? Because MAJ Mayo found some sort of sick, no way I'm going to let an Artilleryman beat me energy in the last 50m and passed me at the finsh line to have a 11:44.3 time. Of course I am guessing on the .3 differential but it was by a nose hair and it almost killed me.

Doing this kind of workout with another person definately makes a difference. It is amazing how much you can push yourself when someone else is pushing you as well.

The reason I mention this is because I want to highlight, that although you can see some signifigant gains just doing the workouts on your own, you can take it to another level with a group. It doesn't have to be a big group, but one that will hold you accountable. One that will make sure you are doing the exercises correctly and one that will push you everyday. What makes CrossFit such a good program, in my opinion, is the community. We do check our egos at the door, in that we all know we have weaknesses, that we encourage new people and don't care about scaling. What we want is intensity and sharing in the no joke selling your body out with max effort is what binds us.
Does it bother me that MAJ Mayo overtook me in the last stretch, absolutely not! I know that when I crossed the line, I gave all that I had. If you had a faster or slower time, it does not matter. What does matter is that you gave your max effort. If you can say that, then you did what a CrossFitter should do. Oh by the way, your Soldiers will demand that too. See how it all ties back in?

Chris said...

14:10, Not my best showing. Tomorrow's a brand new day though.
Ready to go check out the CF gyms back home.

Mac said...

14:05. OC Duty has me down...

NM said...

Awesome workout this AM...MAJ Blackmon smoked me. Just wanted to reinforce what he mentioned regarding accountability and also highlight the importance of sharing hardship together. I believe that shared hardship is about the purest way to build strong teams and win...and that's what we as Army leaders are all about.

Go Cubs said...

13:25, absolutely brutal