Thursday 12/11/08

Meet at Clinton Field by the tires.

For time.

3 rounds of:

25 yard tire flip
25 x Burpees
25 yard walking lunge
25 x Burpees
25 yard duck walk

If it is raining/snowing HARD...we will meet at Arvin and sub 12 x 135lb cleans for the tire flip. If it is just a drizzling or slightly uncomfortable, we will go to Clinton and suck it up.


tex said...
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Black and Gold CrossFit said...

19:25...yes it was cold, yes there was a little drizzle and it was uncomfortable. I would hate to have to start calling people out on this page. You know who you are. I am not above a little MAJ Van shaming.

tex said...


Cold and wet would pretty much sum it up.

tex said...

Check out the new Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test (CFT). It looks like a result of the Corps' move to a more practical fitness program.

Maybe if it is done for 2 or 3 cycles it could be a good CrossFit WOD.

SB said...

I excuse.
I ended up doing the substitute of 12 x cleans.
1rd: 85lbs cleans
2rd: 75 lbs cleans
3rd: 65 lbs cleans
the burpees were a killer and duckwalks were a challenge.

Alex said...

Can anyone tell me how many tires there are? I am considering taking my sandhurst team after COB to do this workout if it is feasible and can sustain a group of ~10.


Black and Gold CrossFit said...

You can definately use this for your Sanhurst team. There are 2 big tires and 2 medium sized tires. On the big tires just do a 2 person is about the same. That is enough for 8 right off the bat. Have the last 2 start once the firt crew is done with their first set of tire flips. They won't catch up trust me.

Make sure you wear decent gloves. Your hands will be extremly raw/numb if you don't.

Alex said...

Great workout. Had most of my team (9 of us) out there and the fastest guy finished around 19:00 and the plebe girl on our team finished up around 27:00. Solid times IMO. A few of the guys replaced a few of the duck walks with bear crawls. I thought it would be easier, so I tried it for my last set because it would target different muscle groups, but I was completely wrong. It was so much harder.

But I agree, it was definitely more about the sucking it up. At 1500 it was freezing and the rain was pouring on us. Everyone's hands were numb 5 minutes into the workout. Definitely a great way to introduce the younger guys to what's to come for the season.

Oh, and great recommendation on the gloves, Sir.