Tuesday, 6 March

Now that the weather is a bit warmer and it's starting to get a little lighter in the morning, we are going to get back outside and go for a run.  Strap on your reflective belt and join us!

Let's meet up at 0530 in the '62 room, warm-up for a few minutes, and then hit the start point and step off no later than 0545 so everyone can make it back in a reasonable time.  The run route is from the light pole in the front of the Comm's House to Lee Gate and back.

Run 5km for time.

Post time to comments.


Mickey said...

felt like crap this morning so i subbed:

10k bike
1k row


Incredibly boring. Probably never do that again. Alone at least.

njc said...


Failing miserably at my new year's resolution to run more.

It's hard to say what I hate more: Running, or how easy MikeRothenb makes it look.

Or maybe Mike himself.

MikeRothenb said...


Adam said...

I'm sorry to have missed this morning, my wife had to head to NYC and I had to drop my son off at daycare. MikeR does make it look easy! In the future he and Sean will have to wear a weighted vest to level the playing field!

Mack said...

Did the Women's History Month Run this morning. Same distance, but it was a formation run so I didn't keep time.

Matt said...


For the first couple hundred meters I had delusions of grandeur in keeping up with Mike. They were quickly smashed; however the story isn’t all bad. First off, Erin is an animal. If it wasn’t for her, I think I would still be running. All I wanted to do was crawl up in the fetal position while I was running. Even with the cold I did PR.


12 AUG 11 – 21:39
5 DEC 11 – 22:48

Now I need to go sub 21 with the final goal of sub 20.

ErinM said...

A bit brisk this morning.

Thanks to MAJ Radik for keeping me honest this morning.

21:05 (but he finished a step ahead of me)

jck said...

Apologies for not showing up past week. I've been on accupunture therapy for my neck.

21:15. Must Run More...