Wednesday, 7 March

Today we will do a Hero WOD from the main site that was originally posted on Feb. 25th (  This one is going to be a beast, so show up on time, warm-up, and get ready!


11 chest to bar pull-ups
2 deadlifts (305/225)
10 handstand push-ups

You read that correctly, it's a monster, so SCALE according to your ability.  The deadlifts should be heavy, about what you would reach at the end of a heavy triple, but not impossible.

Post number of rounds complete to comments.


MikeRothenb said...

12 Rounds + pull-ups
305lb DL
had scaled to jumping pullups and box push-ups by the end

Good workout, may LT Zimmerman Rest In Peace.

EJ Gust said...

Rx'd: 9 rounds + 3 pullups
I think I was taking about 30 seconds per rep with the DLs after the 5th round! That was rough.

Adam said...

EJ - BEAST is all I can say!
Mike - nice push this morning, 305 is no joke.

As for me, I did the DLs at 275 and had to scale to regular pull-ups starting on the 3rd round. HSPU were rx'd, but got REALLY tough as this one went on!

6 rounds + 5 HSPUs

jck said...

9 Rounds + 5 Pull ups.

Tore my hands again. Horribly great workout

Mack said...

11 rounds + pull ups and DLs
225# DL

Mickey said...

#225 Deadlifts

10 Rounds + pullups and dl's

I need to do more dead lifts, lower body/back strength stuff.

Mickey said...

MAJ Grim-

Here's the thing I was talking about this morning. Lots of body weight only WODs for when you are low on equipment.,%20v1_0-1.pdf?4c9b33

0530OldGrad said...


Thanks for posting the link, it will help me to implement Crossfit style workouts in my platoon's PT program.

The work you are putting in at 0530 will really help you out. Make sure you pay attention to how Crossfit helps cadets who are part of the CCZP or some other form of remedial PT because PT standards in the 'real Army' are not as high as WP.

BTW, this is 2LT Smith, a B&G member from Jan 09- May 11.

Mickey said...


No problem. Thank you for the encouragement and words of wisdom. After starting crossfit, my APFT score jumped nearly 20 points so I definitely can appreciate the benefits.

Adam said...

Smitty - what's up man!?! How are things going in the 'real' Army? We miss seeing you around. Mickey is one of our new rock stars that has been part of the morning crew since August.

Take it easy!

EJ Gust said...

Keep in mind that PT standards in the real Army depend on the unit. Do not look at LT Smith's comment as a blanket statement of Army PT. Some are definitely easier than the USMA standard, but there are several units that have a very high PT standard. It all depends on the commander.

jswobe said...

9 rounds, in a crappy hotel gym using approx 200-lbs on a machine/cable deadlift (terrible, BTW).

HSPU's were brutal. I tried kipping, but I am not getting it.

njc said...

This afternoon:
7 rounds + 3 pull ups

--DL @ 275, then @ 255 after rd3
--HSPU with abmat (scaled to hand-release PU at the end)
--and C2B turned into regular pull ups towards the end.

All of that being said: best workout of the week, even though I had to go alone.

LT Smitty - great to hear from you! Miss seeing you in the mornings.

Adam said...

jswobe, I would have paid to see the look on the people's faces in the hotel gym (if there were any) with you doing HSPU, etc. awesome for getting after it with what you had!

jswobe said...

@Adam -- I'm traveling now w/ my new job, so I have done four WODs in the past two weeks in hotel "fitness centers."

There were definitely some looks.