Friday, 23 March

CrossFit Open Games WOD 12.5 - the last one of the series!

If you are competing, please check out the movement standards video at:

3 x thrusters (100/65)
3 x chest to bar pull-ups
6 x thrusters
6 x C2B pull-ups
9 of each
12 of each
15 of each
continue to increase by 3 reps until time runs out.

NOTE:  For C2B pull-ups, your chest at or below your collar bone must physically touch the bar in order to count.  You can position your hands however you'd like, but you MUST hang with arms fully locked out at the bottom in order for the rep to count.

Post number of rounds and reps complete to comments.


Mickey said...

Make ahead SAMI today. Was up super late cleaning. Sorry for the absence.

Adam said...

wow, I got broken off this morning. No gas in the tank - sleep deprivation does have a major negative impact on your physical performance!!! Ugh.

made it to 12 thrusters + 10 C2B, could've and should've done more, but couldn't get moving this morning!

MikeRothenb said...

did 12 thrusters, 12 C2B pullups, and 8 more thrusters.

have a good weekend

ErinM said...

I felt off this morning too.

12 thrusters + 8 PUs

Scaled down to 55# and normal pull-ups

jswobe said...

15 thrusters

Better than last year, but I was hoping to finish the whole "15" round. Maybe next year!

Mickey said...

Got to arvin and it was packed. Felt like I was in some tropical jungle with all the body head radiating.

Didn't quite feel up for 12.5 so I did some strength instead:

OHS: 95x5, 115x5, 135x3, 135x2
Bench: 165 x 5,5,4
3 Rounds for reps of Kipping Pullups:
22, 14, 14

Some nice PR's today on bench and ohs so i'm happy with that. Thrusters would have killed me today