Thursday - Friday, 15 - 16 March

The Games WOD 12.4 was posted this evening. Awesome WOD, so ensure you get after it this week, whenever you have a chance.  If you are a Games WOD competitor, then ensure you either video your performance and do it at a certified affiliate to ensure it counts.  I will be at West Point on Saturday, if anyone wants to do it at Arvin.

Check it out, but it's an AMRAP 12
150 x wall ball shots (20 lbs ball, 10 foot target)
90 x double-unders
30 x muscle-ups

Post number of complete and partial rounds to comments! 


jswobe said...

It's like "Karen" on crack...

jswobe said...

(12.4 looks like fun...saving it for tomorrow or Saturday...)




Not as good as I was hoping for, but almost two minutes faster than last time.

Mickey said...

8 rounds of TABATA each:
Pushups: 10
Pullups: 6
25# Weighted Situp: 12
Double Unders: 10

Zombiegirl9 said...

Hi I am gona be in area from connecticut tomorrow would someone be able to judge and validate my 12.4 workout?

Adam said...

oh my, I did the 12.4 Games WOD today with Jordan and it SMOKED me!

150 x wall-balls
90 x double-unders
and then the clock ran out. Even with 5 extra minutes, I wouldn't have gotten a muscle-up, especially after being that smoked!

Jordan rocked it and if he didn't smash his head on the bars during his 4th muscle-up, he would have hit 12 - 15 muscle-ups. He ended with 8, which is incredible!