Thursday, 8 March

Today we will do the CrossFit Open WOD 12.3.

Check out the video instructions at

15 x box jumps (24/20)
12 x push press (115/75)
9 x toes to bar

NOTE: For the box jump you must come to FULL extension of the hips AND knees on TOP of the box.  This is a bit different than the typical standard as you must be at full extension on top of the box before you spring off.
NOTE2:  Push press starts from the ground (for the first rep) and you can use whatever press method you want to get the bar overhead.  Knees, hips and shoulders must be fully extended at the top.
NOTE3:  Toes to bar - any part of your foot/shoe (both feet) must come in contact with the bar.  At the bottom of the movement your feet/heels must pass through the vertical plane of the bar.
NOTE4:  All competitors will have someone grading their performance and ensuring the standard is met on the movements.  We will need to set up and grab boxes ASAP in the morning, so please arrive right at 0530 and help me grab boxes, then bars.  We will likely do 2 iterations so we need to start NLT 0545 so we have enough time to get everyone through.

For those not competing, we could use your help judging the first iteration and you are more than welcome to do the WOD and scale based on your ability.

This is going to be an awesome one!


Mickey said...

got through 4 rounds at about 12 minutes before I had to leave for formation.

As rx'd for the first 2

Dropped to 95# for the second 2

ELThomas said...

Scaled to 95#

5 rounds + Box Jumps and 10 Push Press

Definitely felt that one on my way to class this morning

Adam said...

5 rounds + 7 push press as rx'd

The toes to bar destroyed me! Thanks to all who helped grade this morning - nice push by everyone on a brutal one!!

jswobe said...

7 rounds @ 95-lb PP

I hope that whatever is scheduled for Friday absolutely, positively could not have been done today for some very good reason...b/c Wed's WOD & today's WOD back-to-back was not an enjoyable experience.

Not bitchin,' just sayin.'

Rock on, B&G.

Adam said...

jswobe - you rock brother and I completely agree! There was no intent to do the Games WOD today, but the cadets are outta here for Spring Break tomorrow and I was reminded yesterday that Friday is a modified schedule...which means classes start at 0630 and cadets are released for Spring Break at 1300...which means we HAD to do the WOD today or several competitors would be SOL! It was a beast back to back...and I promise tomorrow will not involve hanging from a bar or doing anything overhead!! Smoker days!!

ErinM said...

Wow. That was humbling.

4 rounds + 8 Push Press at 65 lb.

I need to work on the push press.

jswobe said...

@Adam -- I had a feeling a modified Friday schedule was the culprit, but I was irritated nonetheless. I get it, though.

Back to back w/ "Zimmerman" or not, it was a tough one.

EJ Gust said...

8 rounds + 10 box jumps Rx'd

At the end, I was just happy I didn't have to do another round of push press. Leigh's encouragement definitely got me through that one!