Tuesday, 13 March

Since jswobe was saying we are slacking, I figured I would give him something to keep him busy!  I will be doing this one in the morning...who is going to join me?!?  All you need is a pull-up bar and some motivation!

Run 1 mile
100 x pull-ups
200 x push-ups
300 x squats
Run 1 mile

NOTE:  You can partion the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed, so break it up and get it done!
NOTE2:  You can scale as needed to jumping pull-ups, push-ups on your knees, etc. 
NOTE3:  jswobe - you're welcome!!

Post time to comments.


Mickey said...

300 workout today:

25x pullup
50x deadlift 135#
50x pushup
50x box jump
50x floor sweeper w/ 135# lockout
50x clean and press 35# (25 each arm)
25x pullup

20:59. That was a smoker.

I was planning on honoring Lt Murphy later this week. Possibly tomorrow depending on how I feel after today.

Adam said...

43:21 as rx'd for Murph. That was a tough one and push-ups were the hardest part. Glad I finally checked that one off of my list.

Nice work Mickey - killer workout!

ErinM said...

I think I freaked out the Italian children at the park in Mantova where I did this WOD. I didn't even know it was the one posted!

1 mile
75 pull-ups (had to leave before the parents killed me)
200 push-ups
300 squats
1 mile


jswobe said...

(posting late...sorry)

I'm not a fan of Murph, and I wanted to get last Friday's WOD in...


50 x double unders
20 x hand release push-ups
15 x sit-ups w/ 25-lb plate


My shoulders were wrecked...