Wednesday, 14 March

Alright, so we didn't have many Murph fans out there today.  It was a BEAST and I highly recommend it!   Give it a shot!

For today's WOD, you get the pick the distance, but go for a run and make it a longer one.

Beginning runners - go for about 3 - 4 miles
Intermediate - 4 - 5 miles
Advanced - 5 - 6 miles

It is longer than we typically run, but that's the joy of a constantly varied program!!!

Post distance and time to comments.


Mickey said...

Saving Murph for tomorrow..

100 Dumbbell thrusters for time using 35# dumbbells.


Back is still pretty sore from all the deadlifts so running did not appeal to me.

chappy said...

Hey, I'm new to WP and the black and gold crossfit website. What time each day do you post the WODs? And, when Arvin doesn't open until 0900, when/where do you do the WOD? Thanks.

Adam said...

@chappy -
Arvin is open at 0530 Mon - Friday. We meet at 0530 in the '62 room of Arvin Gym. Come and join us, it is a great group!

Adam said...

@chappy - oh yeah, and during 'normal' weeks the WOD is posted for the next day by 6pm every night. This week with Spring Break has been strange and with most folks gone, we haven't been meeting.

As for today's WOD, we left for the beach bright and early, so I was a huge slacker and didn't do the WOD. No running, but plenty of body surfing, chasing my son, and swimming. Gotta love Florida!

chappy said...

Adam, Thanks for the replies. Since you're in FL this week you didn't know/realize that Arvin is opening at 0900 each day during SB, that's why I asked where/when you all were doing the WODs. I appreciate the info and hope you enjoy the rest of your time off.

jswobe said...

Ran 4 miles


I haven't been running enough...

30 or 31 minutes