Tuesday, 27 March

We will meet in the '62 Room, warm up, and then move to Hayes Gym to get after it.

Rope climb (15')
Run 343 meters (2.5 laps at Hayes Gym track)
Rest 1 minute

Compare to: 5 January 2011
Post number of rounds to comments.


njc said...

5 rounds complete with 21 seconds left

A little better than last time I think.

By the 2nd time Sean passes you... you just start to get mad

Mickey said...

~5m short of 5 rounds.

Couldn't get the legs going this morning.

I also agree that Sean can be very demoralizing when he laps you more than once.

jck said...

5 rope climbs + 50 ft.

My goal was to stay ahead of Sean. Then when he passed me it was my goal not to let him pass me again. I failed in both goals.

Great work Sean.

Adam said...

Sorry to come in late this morning - overslept my alarm. Glad to catch everyone on the tail end. I did it all alone and finished 5 rounds and still had :16 left. Sounds like Sean was blazing this morning!

jswobe said...

Still no rope, so I made the same mod as in January, except w/ a longer run.

5 x towel pull-ups
5 x knees to elbows
5 x pull-ups
250m run
1-minute rest

4 rounds complete (same number of rounds as last time, but with an extra 100 meters per run this time)