Wednesday, 07/28/10

Today we are doing a WOD created by one of our founding members.  DB got this idea from CrossFit Boston and tailored the WOD for Black & Gold CrossFit.

For time.
20 then 10 reps of:
Body weight push press/jerk
Pull up
Sit up
Double under
Push up
Kettle bell swing (70lb/53lb)

All sets must be unbroken. If you break a set you have to start back at 0. Just to be clear, here is what broken means for each exercise.
Push press/jerk: Putting the bar down.
Pull up: Coming off the bar
Sit up: Standard Army rules
Double under: Either you do all of them in a row or you don't. Sub is 4 regular for 1 DU.
Push up: Standard Army rules
Kettle bell swing: Putting the kettle bell down

Post time to comments.
Compare to 9/29/09


Anonymous said...

7:38, as rx'd with 100 lb push press.

My old friend, the double under, continues to haunt me. Finished 18 DUs before screwing up the first time, which is a huge de-motivator. I think I probably did 80-90 DUs this morning, so surely I get some sort of extra credit, gold star, something?

JC said...


Scaled in a couple of areas. Just shy of 1/2 BW at 85lb. push press. I went straight to 4/1 singles. I'm not at the 20 straight DUs yet. I also stuck with the 53lb option for the kettle bell swings.

Thanks to Eric and Will for coming in this morning. Hope to see you back tomorrow.

Chris said...

8:02 85lbf PP. DUs worked this morning, which is sort of unusual. However, getting through the 20xKBS with 70lbf took a while. 2nd set of pullups took a while to get through. Dropped to 53 for last 10 KBS. Grip is a goat for me...

mattb said...


I hit all 30 double unders straight (miracle). I almost missed the 10 pull-ups and 10 KB Swings because of my grip.

kseki said...

10 mins
Scaled DUs.(Just completed 20 and 10, was pretty happy with that.)
Scaled Kettlebell to 53lb.

Tex said...

95lbs push-jerk
Ring pull-ups
Subbed 80lbs sandbag cleans for KBS

I managed to get 19 DUs before I broke set and ended up subbing singles for the first set. Set of 10 was alternating single doubles.

Stroh's Lite said...

11:38 as rx'd w/ 105lb push press

The pullups were killing me on the first set, I could not get 20 without coming off the bar. finally ended up doing jumping pull ups for that set. DU's immediately afterwards were also painfully uncoordinated ended up subing 4X1 one those.

It's good to see the 70lb KB making a showing!