Monday, 07/19/10

After warm-up complete 1 set of max reps strict pull-ups

3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps
Dead-Lift (try to maintain a consistent weight through all 7 sets)

1 round max reps strict pull-ups

Post weight and total pull-up reps to comments.


Mac said...

13 pu's
295 lbs for the DL's
12 pu's

Probably should have gone heavier with the DLs, but a good monday WOD.

JWM said...

16 PUs
275(4 sets),295(2 sets),315(1 set)
18 PUs

Had a hard time determining the weight so I adjust on the fly.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Thanks to John for joining us from San Diego this morning. Fun to have you there.

Scotty G said...

18 PU

185 lb DLs

13 PU

Between John and JWM's bro, I think we're ready to go international with our program! Great to meet you John, and hope you can make it again this week.

kseki said...

15 pu's
185 DL
11 pu's

Could have gone just a little bit heavier with DL's but thought better of it.

Mark R said...

13 PU's
205# x 5, 225# x 2
11 PU's

Should've gone heavier from the start

mattb said...

17 PU
295 DL
12 PU

Chris M said...

8 PU
225# DL
6 PU

I wasn't feeling it on the PUs. Thanks Jake for coming in the afternoon to help me with my DL form.

Tex said...

15 pull-ups (ring)
155lbs clean and jerk (I didn't have enough plates for DL)
15 pull-ups (ring)

Stroh's Lite said...


315 DL, almost grip on the bar during a sweaty forearm agonizing near defeat on round 7.

PU-8 also lost grip and fell off the bar in a total defeat on #9

Built a mile of MTB trails before this WOD, a lot of shoveling, pick ax work and raking... the dead forearms made it good to see the connection between CrossFit and actual work... functional fitness!